Last minute DD/lg Valentines

Valentine’s Day is less than 3 days away and despite working and living in front of my computer and being hooked up to the internet 24/7 i have managed to escape the red and white, hearts, chocolates and teddy bears overload that, by now, is a frenzied chaos in stores, flower shops and just about anywhere you look. However, that doesn’t mean that i’m not eagerly anticipating Thursday because even though i have already given _PapaG_ his gift,  i know i will get a prezzie and He is taking me out to dinner so i am super excited. *sigh* – i digress so easily.

Anyway, whether you have been bombarded with Valentine’s fever left right and centre or you have been blissfully unaware of the maniacal hearts and chocolates shopping going on around you, V-Day is upon us. Valentine’s Day can be a little bit of a challenge for a little for the simple reason that we can be torn between being a sexy, seductive woman and our inner little nature. Finding the perfect balance can be hard because that sexy new lingerie is so pretty and so tempting, champagne, candlelit dinners, romantic love songs, everything draws you to the sultry grown up side of life. However, never fear little ideas are here to say the day so that your inner little doesn’t feel left out.

Along with the sexy, seductive grown up Valentine’s rituals of skimpy lacy or satin lingerie, candles and wine, add these small gestures to keep the fun alive and bring your inner little to the party.

Best Daddy Award:

Best Daddy Award Certificate for that special Daddy Dom in your life.

Best Daddy Award Certificate for that special Daddy Dom in your life.



Simple, easily printed at home and endearingly sweet why not make your Daddy Dom feel extra special by presenting him with a Bestest Daddy in the World certificate to let him know you think he is the bee’s knees. These certificates are really easy to make with a variety of different software like MS Word or you can go over to websites like which makes the job even simpler. To add pizzazz to your Best Daddy Award you can slip the award certificate along with a gift card/gift certificate to his favourite store into a stylish envelope and finish it off with a pretty bow or if you want to add more little to it you can cover the envelope with some of your favourite stickers like Disney characters etc.

Word Search/Crossword:



Personally i love puzzles and a love related word search or crossword puzzle is right up my alley, not to mention the fun! A word of caution, do a love related puzzle in that sexy lingerie and you might only get half way! You can fine some simple, readymade puzzles here:

Dress Up:




Combine sexy and cute for an irresistible combination by dressing up in a sexy skimpy costume for your Daddy Dom. He’ll love the look and your inner little will love the dress up fun.


For a few more last minute D/s Valentine ideas, check out my sister blog to not so growed up:

i hope you enjoyed this post and that it gave you some ideas on how to combine cute and sexy for Valentine’s Day!

Please Note: i do not own the copyright to any of the above images and no copyright infringement is intended.

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