My Little And Not So Little Resolutions For 2014

Another year has come and gone and a new year is already well underway. i’m not usually the kind of girl who makes resolutions and sticks to them but this year i have a few that i think are important and i plan to work hard to stick to my guns on these.

Resolution #1:

Lose 40 – 60 lbs.

This might seem like a huge, insurmountable mountain to climb but it’s not. During the course of 2013 i managed to slim down by 58 lbs from 309 to 251. Letting myself get to that weight is not something i am proud of, i am actually very ashamed of it but i am working hard to life a healthy and active lifestyle and by the end of 2014 i would like to be down to 187 – 198 lbs.

Monster is also busy with his own weightloss program and i am hoping that we will keep each other motivated to keep going and never stop living a happy, healthy and active lifestyle.

Resolution #2:

Look after my skin.

i’m really not a girly babygirl. i do like pink and ruffles and lace and high heels and lots of pretty things but most of the time i’m a jeans and t-shit kind of girl so this one is taking some getting used to.

i have decided to invest in good quality toiletries instead of just always opting for the cheapest or most readily available. my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE bath and body range is only sold by 1 store chain as opposed to the gazillions of other brands that are sold across the board at many different chain stores.  To make shopping for my girly stuffies even more of a mission, i only like going to ONE particular branch of this specific chain store that stocks the brand so thank god i only shop for toiletries once every 2 months (i cheat by buying the really big containers to save money and trips to the store! LOL).

i have decided that my daily bath, body and beauty routine will include ALL of the following:

  • Creamy super duper gorgeous smelling body wash
  • Anti-dandruff shampoo that keeps the eczema on my scalp at bay
  • Aloe Vera face wash
  • Day cream with SPF 15
  • Night cream
  • Creamy super moisturising and freaking amazing smelling body lotion (that matches the scent of the body wash of course)
  • Aloe Ferox pure aloe gel for eyes (not pictured)
  • Scented baby powder (mixed half and half with cornflour – this might sound really weird but my mom taught me this trick, if you get heat rash under your boobies from sweat on hot days this plus a lick of antiperspirant under those puppies is a MIRACLE treatment!)
  • Antiperspirant deodorant – I am resolving to use the black and white clothing friendly stuff because marks on my clothes just aren’t funny
  • Body Spray
  • Perfume or Body Spritzer
My new army of bath and beauty products - and yes, some of my ponies!

My new army of bath and beauty products – and yes, some of my ponies!

Now, there are some girls out there who might think but that’s not alot but trust me, for a girl who only ever used plain soap, regular shampoo, whatever deodorant was cheapest and some baby powder, it is an army of intimidating daily products to master.

Resolution #3:

Learn more about my inner little.

This may seem like a given but i am pretty new to this stuff and i am still trying to figure out what makes my inner little tick, what triggers my little-ness, why i am a little and so much more. i am just glad that i have a super wonderful purely awesomeness Daddy to share my experience with and who loves and accepts me for who i am and who encourages my little-ness.

Resolution #4:

Work harder and play harder.

Having changed jobs in 2013, i am now working for a vibrant, dynamic and extremely busy company with some really and truly awesome people. i am also lucky enough to be considered for a managerial position in the future and thus my boss has started grooming me. i may only take up the position (if i get it that is) in a couple of years time but it is something exciting and something i will have to work very hard towards as i am a naturally timid person and keeper of the peace. So my 4th resolution for 2014 is to work harder and in a more goal oriented way but at the same time i also want to play harder and take more time off work.

my plan involves pushing harder and working harder during work hours and spending less time after hours and over weekends working. i plan to take on more responsibility at work and be even more target and goal oriented during work hours than ever before. i also plan to not work AT ALL unless absolutely necessary when i am not on duty which will be hard for me because i am a workaholic by nature and i don’t have friends to hang out with so i fall back on work to keep me busy when Monster isn’t around.

Resolution #5:

Take more photies.

This one is getting easier and easier to do now that i am losing weight. There are very few pictures of me from the past few years because i have a very poor self and body image so i have always avoided cameras like the plague but all of that is going to change this year. I plan to be more body positive and take loads more random snaps of myself and also of me and Monster.

Resolution #6:

Blog More.

Let’s face it, i need a hobby and blogging keeps me busy and makes me happy. i plan to post at least 1 post a week on my wordpress blog and hopefully several random pictures or posts on my Tumblr blog each and every week. So watch this space! i already have tons of great blog post ideas on my list!

Resolution #7:

i have been trying to think of a number 7 because 7 is my favourite number and i always aim for 7 of anything when and where i can but i just can’t think of a 7th resolution that is a must for me this year so i’ll just list a few things i would like to do or try in 2014:

  • Take a week holiday
  • Go sky diving or shark cage diving
  • Start learning another language
  • Read more books – or in my case listen to more audiobooks
  • Do more art – especially painting and drawing
  • Collect even more ponies – i don’t think i will ever stop collecting ponies…EVER…
  • Get at least a third tattoo (i am going to be getting my second one on the 2nd of Feb so keep an eye on my Tumblr for phoeties!)
  • Sleep more – i am suffering from a bit of insomnia at the moment and having nightmares many nights doesn’t help either so getting more rest is definitely something i need to do
  • Learn to truly forgive all the people who have hurt me in the past

These are my little and not so little resolutions for 2014. What are YOUR resolutions for this year? Please like, comment, link, reblog, refer other people and please please please keep reading Not So Growed Up. Your feedback makes me happy and smile and gives me warm fuzzies so please let em know what you think, i want to hear from you and you and you too! 😀

One thought on “My Little And Not So Little Resolutions For 2014

  1. I was a lot bigger than I am now when Daddy and I first started talking. Since He’s gotten me on my regiment I have lost half of my body weight, it’s been 9 months of work but totally worth it 🙂 He expects me to be small for His use, not to mention, I haven’t looked this good since my graduation from high school 😉 what I’m trying to say is, you can do it!! And having your Daddy support you is even better!!!! It gives me the push the extra ounce of support to strive to reach my goal and make my Daddy happy so good luck!!! 😉 as far as skin and hair go, I’m a huge fan of natural products that are really good for your skin and cost less than pricey beauty products. This works for me and I love it. Not to mention, a bag and a bottle will last me months if not a year! 😉 I use john mccanns steel cut oatmeal for oatmeal baths one can will last me forever!! Great for the skin!! And for my hair and for my eczema, coconut oil! 😉 coconut oil hair masks half an hour once a month is crazy amazing, it rejuvenates your hair makes it super soft and really shiny!! And if you rub it in your skin wait for 20 min and wash and rinse off, it softens and moisturizes your skin 😉 once a month as well 😉 it really works!!!! Anyway, it’s 2014 and we are all amazing littles!! Good luck and have fun!! Best wishes for you hunny!!

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