A Little Valentine

I Love You Daddy

Valentine’s Day is more than just a commercial, money spinning, global holiday. There is no excuse for not showing the people you care about that you love them every single day of the year but Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year when it’s ok to go overboard, get cheesy and just plain make a serious, no holds barred, grown men making fools of themselves in the name of love kind of fuss about the one person you love more than anything in this world.

This is also true of the DD/lg relationship, however we can find different and more appropriate ways of showing it that reflect our personalities, lifestyle and relationships. With only 2 weeks left before D-Day, maybe you’re already given some serious thought to Valentine’s Day the DD/lg way…or maybe not. Whether you already have something planned or not, here are some great, DD/lg appropriate ways of showing the love on Valentine’s Day.

For The Littles:

While your Daddy will appreciate everything you do for and give to him, why not do something extra special for him this Valentine’s Day? If you work and have the money to splash out on something pricey for him, go ahead but don’t forget to combine conventional gifts with something more Little-a-fide to bring out the uniqueness of your relationship.

For example, why not pair a snazzy watch or cufflinks or some nice cologne with a handmade arts and crafts Valentine’s Day card with a special message just for him? If you live in a part of the world where it is warm why not invest in something bling for his car and pair it with a handmade voucher for a private bikini or nudie carwash? There are many ways to combine nice bought gifts with cute, handmade gifts from your inner little.

Things to make for Daddy:

Handmade Valentine’s Day Card

Find a ceramics or pottery studio where you can paint a special personalised coffee mug for him

If you can and you are allowed to cook, make or bake him something yummy like making him breakfast in bed, bake him cupcakes, make strawberries dipped in chocolate (YUMMY!)

Browse thrift stores for old scrabble games or loose scrabble tiles, arrange the words “I Love Daddy” and glue them to the back card of a nice big certificate or photo frame

Make him an assortment of handmade cute, funny, fun and sexy coupons. These can be for anything from kisses, cuddles and hugs to sex in his favourite position, private strip shows, cooking him his favourite meal, bubble baths together…anything your little mind can think of!

valentines Coupons

For The Daddies:

Your little will appreciate any treat and you will enjoy spoiling her. The same principle for littles applies for Daddies. If you want to splurge on something pricey and a little more grown up for her, why not combine it with something cure that panders to her inner little? For example if you want to buy her grownup jewellery (not Hello Kitty/Barbie/Disney Princess themed or whatever she is into), why not couple the pretty jewellery with something fun like a plushie. Perhaps you want to spoil her with dinner at a fancy restaurant, why not take her for dessert at a place where she can have a little themed desert like a waffle and ice-cream face?

Things to do/give for your little:

Set up an enchanted tea party/picnic on the bed, in a park or in your backyard with heart shaped finger sandwiches, fairy bread and juice boxes.

If there is a special favourite character she loves, try to find a unique love themed version of it for her

Give her a customized jar of her favourite candies


Let her pick a romantic or animated movie for the night

Leave her a super cute butterfly valentine with a lollipop in her coat pocket or handbag or something she will wear or use during the day

Play naked hide and seek and have fun all over the house!

Make her breakfast in bed, maybe heart shaped pancakes or used toppings to make faces with her pancakes or cut our little hearts and stack the pancakes with the cut-outs in and then sprinkle the heart cut out pieces of pancake over the stack – get creative and have fun doing it!

Heart Shaped Crayons!

Valentine’s Day is for everyone, the grownups and the not so grownups. Indulge in a love fest that is unique to you and your relationship with your little, making it a Valentine’s Day to remember and one she will never, ever forget.

What will YOU doing this Valentine’s Day? Comment and let me know about your plans and ideas for a DD/lg infused Valentine’s Day, you know i love to hear from you!

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