Valentine’s Day Tears

I have seen a lot of Tumblr posts today by sad littles/babygirls and just other sad girls today and quite a few posts encouraging singletons and those who don’t celebrate to be happy anyway in the past few days leading up to today. I know that Valentine’s Day can be a very emotional day for many people and even though not for the same reasons, it was for me too.

So…after some romance from Daddy to start the day, I had a total and utter emotional crash. I decided to take some photies of my V-day outfit and just of myself because I’m actually starting to somewhat like photies and the negative demons inside my head ran amuck. I ended up crying all over Monster because all i could see was ugly, fat, never going to be thin no matter how hard i try cos I’m just not built to be thin…all I saw were my imperfections and love handles and butt dimples and and and the list of negatives was endless.

I can’t believe I have such an amazing man in my life, a Daddy who loves and cherishes me for who I am and what I look like even when I can’t love myself sometimes.

There are so many people out there who are single or who are just sad on Valentine’s Day and I’d like to be the first to say that I love you. I love that you have taken the time to read or comment or like or share or follow or whatever on my blogs. Sometimes I wish more people would leave comments, I love reading them and getting to know a teeny tiny bit of someone I’ve never even met before. I also want to say that I’m here for anyone who just wants to talk or ask questions etc.

I want to send a huge, huge, huge shout out and loads of huggles to everyone who is seeing this. Thank you for reading my blog, I hope everyone has a good Valentine’s Day and even if you don’t have a special someone, love on your friends and let them love on you back. Yes, this is a holiday traditionally reserved for lovey dovey couples but in my opinion, all types of love should be celebrated today, especially the love between friends. Go on out there and hug a friend, hell, randomly hug a complete stranger and make their day!

Most importantly of all…LOVE YOURSELF!

Some photies of my Valentine’s Day with Monster:

The photies that sparked my Valentine’s Day cry: Spreading the love with Spongebob!




My Valentine’s prezzie from Monster:


Another prezzie for me to take to our new office soon:


I got woken up to a warm bubbly bath with sweet coffee just the way I like it and cookies and after my bubbly bath Monster gave me breakfast – COCO POPs with sparkling grape juice…I’ve been dying to try coco pops for ages!


After a long day at work, Daddy took me out for dinner! Us at the restaurant:



I gave Monster a handmade Valentine and a prezzie wrapped in personalised wrapping paper and I also got some yummies for us to enjoy together:





Daddy wearing his new beanie with built in earphones…I’m so happy he likes it! Squeee!


And Mr Cuddles in the background 😀

Last but not least…a kiss to all my readers, likers, commenters and followers…


3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Tears

  1. Thanks for writing this!! I didn’t get to see Daddy on Valentine’s day and kinda got mad at him for it….Now he’s mad at me. Soooo I definitely needed this.
    P.S. you are Beautiful!!

    • Awww…thank you so much. I know it’s hard when you can’t see your Daddy in general and even harder when you can’t see him on special occasions. I’m dealing with something similar today, it’s Monster’s birthday and he won’t be with me tonight, he is going home to spend the evening with his family. Even though I had him last night and I will have him again tomorrow night, I feel irked because it is his birthday TONIGHT and he is leaving work early so I won’t get to spend time with him on his birthday. It makes me sad and I am allowed to be sad but I also have to understand that he wants to spend tonight with his family and why. It’s hard, it really is sometimes…

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