A Little Lifestyle Vs A Little Age Play

DD/lg Vs Age Play - Can YOU tell the difference?

DD/lg Vs Age Play – Can YOU tell the difference?

When it comes to BDSM and D/s there are so many facets it can become confusing for an outside or a newbie to differentiate and understand the many nuances that set each facet apart. One such confusion is that between the DD/lg lifestyle and Age Play.

First and foremost, the terms are not interchangeable and they have nothing to do with each other really. Despite the fact that at a glance they can sometimes seem similar, there are huge differences. I’m going to use this article to highlight and illustrate the differences between DD/lg and age play and why I am a babigirl/little and not an age player.

Who you are Vs playing the part

This is the biggest discerning difference between littles and age players. Being a babygirl is an integral part of who you are and not something you can turn on and switch off at will as you can do with a persona you wear for role play. Anyone can act like a child much in the same way that actors play a part in a production.  However, it takes a very special person to be a natural little and that part of your personality is always with you, no matter whether you actively indulge it at any given moment or not. Being a babygirl is not an act, it is a personality type.

My inner little is always with me, whether I am at work, in a store, alone at home. She is a part of me, she is me. I don’t pretend to be a child for a set time period during a scene, I am ALWAYS a child at heart. I just rein my inner little tendencies in when I am not in a position to indulge them.

When I am at work I need to be a decision maker, I need to take charge, I have responsibilities and I cannot afford to be distracted by things I would otherwise love to spend time admiring/looking at. I also cannot afford to allow my naturally oversensitive little emotions to cloud my judgement or sway my decision making abilities nor can I allow myself to act impulsively, be easily distracted or essentially act my shoe size and not my age. (I wear a size 5 or 6 shoe by the way lol)

For these reasons I must force myself to be rational, logical, restrained, cool, calm and collected when I am at work. I cannot be silly when it is my natural impulse to do so, I cannot cry when someone talks seriously to me about a mistake I made, corrects me, or even when someone is openly annoyed with me. Just because I am a different person at work to the person I am outside of work hours doesn’t mean that my little personality is an act. It just means that I have to keep it under lock and key at times. When I am comfortable and feel safe, I allow my little tendencies to come out and play.

For Instance: when stopping at a store to purchase office stationary I still desperately want to go down the toy isle and touché and feel the various plushies but I cannot allow myself to. Once work ends and I can be myself I will never leave a store without first visiting the toy isle. In the same way, When I am at work or around other people I cannot allow myself to cry if someone is mean to me or even annoyed with me but when it’s only me and Daddy, or we are around close friends, I am free to break down and cry whenever anything hurts my feelings.

For age players it is the other way around. Age players change the way they act in order to fulfil a specific role for a session. Just like pet play, AB (Adult Babies) and other age players pretend to be something they naturally are not. To these people, their natural personality has nothing to do with it and being a babygirl or little is not part of who they are, it is only a hat that they wear for a short period o time to have fun.

Light Switch

Being a little or babygirl is not something you can turn on and off like a light at will whereas being an age player means that you can step into and out of a role of playing a certain age anytime you like. For Littles there is usually a set of circumstances that allows them to feel safe enough to be as little as possible and if you watch a babygirl closely you will notice that there is a definite progression into and out of little space. A little will always retain certain childlike aspects of their personality but given the right mix of circumstances and mood they can become even littler. Change those circumstances and she will become less little but will still always display babygirl characteristics.

For instance, babygirls will always retain some of their childlike traits like innocence, maybe sleeping with a teddy bear, sucking their thumb…whatever childlike personality traits and behaviours form part of their natural personality. However, put a babygirl in her home environment with her Daddy, plushies and things that make her feel comfortable and safe and you will notice that she will most likely become progressively littler. How little she is or how many of her little traits/behaviours she allows out is governed by her mood and environment.

On the opposite end of the scale, an age player can pick a child age and immediately act that age in any given mood or environment at will.


As a babygirl her a little age and she will probably look at you like you’ve just asked her to explain quantum physics to you in minute detail. The age of a babygirl’s inner little varies according to her mood and environment and can be as young as a toddler or as old as a teenager and everything in between.

Age players, on the other hand, can tell you the exact age of the child they are role playing at any given time. They may very well choose to role play different ages at different times but they will always be able to tell you what their exact age is. The best you will ever get from a natural little is an approximation of the age she feels at a specific time and that age will vary A LOT depending on how she is feeling, who she is with and where she is.

Littles can age play

This is something that can make differentiating between babygirls/littles and age players. Littles can, at times and if it is something they like to do, age play but even after their age playing session they will still retain certain childlike personality traits and behaviours. For age players it is all about the age play session and they do not retail any of childlikeness outside of the session.

Perverted desires

I have spoken negatively of and mage a huge mistake by grossly generalising about ageplayers in the past and for this I apologise. Not all age players are perverts and not all age players use their age play to satisfy deep seated incestuous and paedophilic desires. However, there are some age players that do, some of them simply get off sexually by role playing a child or having a partner dress up like and role play the part of a young, underage child. This is NOT the rule of thumb about ALL age players, it is the exception of only a handful. But while this may happen for a few age players, it NEVER is the case for anyone in a DD/lg lifestyle. Daddy Doms may enjoy seeing and get turned on by their babygirls dressing up but they do not take on a little for that sole purpose. Likewise babygirls are not turned on by their little side and they d not look for a Daddy simply to satisfy a sexual fantasy or desire for older men, although it may be something that turns them on.


There are a huge number of overlapping similar behaviours that age players in a session and babygirls share, especially when a little is allowed to indulge in her littleness fully. Both may make use of the following behaviours/items:

  • Animated movies/cartoons
  • Diapers
  • Pacifiers
  • Thumb sucking
  • Colouring
  • Pigtails
  • Cute clothes/outfits
  • Collars
  • Spankings
  • Sippy cups
  • Kids dinnerware/tableware
  • Plushies
  • Blankies
  • Building forts
  • Playing games
  • Baby/toddler talk

And much, much more

The overlapping of these behaviours is a source of major confusion for newbies and outsiders. What it comes down to is that babygirls have a childlike personality at their core while age players do not.

I hope this has been an informative post that it has been able to shed some light on the detailed differences between age players and babygirls and that it maybe helped you realised that you are a little and not an age player or vice versa.

Let me know what you link by liking, commenting etc and let me know whether you are an adult babygirl or an age player, you know I love hearing from you!

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