Thank you to everyone who has read and followed my wordpress blog.

Unfortunately, my blog is morphing and will soon include pornographic content, aimed to enhance my posts and in some instances also to teach. However, this is not something that WordPress allows. 

I will therefore be moving house from WordPress to Tumblr. I hope that anyone following my blog will follow my posts to their new home on Tumblr. I’m sad to go but I need more freedom to express myself and my writings in an environment where it is allowed.

Thanks for all your support and comments, I have appreciated every single one of them.

A Monster’s Babygirl

2 thoughts on “MOVING HOUSE

    • Hi, thank you for asking, I will post this later on my blog as well before I do a final shut down of my wordpress blog but you can find me at, I post a huge amount of stuff on there, random stuff, cute stuff, DD/lg stuff, BDSM stuff, personal photos and happenings in my life etc. It is one huge mish mash of everything that interests me with a strong BDSM & DD/lg theme, hope you like it 🙂

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