Sexy Fluttershy Hentai

Sexy Fluttershy Hentai

Not so growed up is a blog dedicated to the Daddy Dom/little girl lifestyle. You can check out the Tumblr counterpart at: http://amonstersbabygirl.tumblr.com/

This is a niche blog catering to DD/lg lifestylers and contains my personal insights and opinions, useful information, mixed media, reviews and much more, covering various aspects of this unique D/s lifestyle subsidiary. The Tumblr Counterpart has more personal randomness and ramblings while the more serious and thought provoking stuff lives here.

About me:


  • Age: 26
  • Sex: (yes please! – just kidding) female
  • Height: 5’3″ (1.6m) short
  • Weight: now that is something a lady never tells
  • Natural hair colour: ash blonde
  • Current hair colour: Dark Brown/almost black
  • Eye colour: blue-grey
  • Piercings: yes
  • Tattoos: yes
  • Role: submissive /babygirl
  • Experience: newbie
  • Owned: yes

They say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and for a good reason. People who pass us by might not give us a second look; after all, we are average people with a few extraordinary tastes. Like any other D/s 24/7 couple, we are trying to fit the everyday, if somewhat boring, vanilla aspects of our lives in with splashes of sunny brightness that our lifestyle provides. Sometimes it works and sometimes everything falls apart at the seams but hopefully this blog will offer other newcomers to the Daddy Dom/little girl lifestyle insight through our experiences and a resource to draw inspiration from to keep on trying.

About my inner little:

I feel a very strong connection to my inner little in various aspects of my daily life; in the way that i take pleasure from the simple and small things and the fact that i simply cannot walk into and out of a shop without first making a detour down the toy isle to see what soft and cuddly plushies they have. So here is a rundown of what my inextricably intertwined grown up and inner little self is like:

  1. i LOVE sex – yip, definitely the best part about being an adult
  2. i go gaga over plush toys and have a sizeable collection
  3. i also like sexualised fashion dolls – not to play with but because they are pretty
  4. i have a love/hate relationship with chores – i love to serve and be of service so doing chores is calming and makes me happy but given the choice, cuddling up with someone special to watch anime wins hands down any day
  5. i love to and do daydream ALOT
  6. i enjoy sexually pleasing the man i love
  7. i enjoy colouring, sketching, painting, sculpting with clay, sewing, arts and crafts
  8. i enjoy cooking and actually do it rather well too
  9. i think there is little else better in this world than cuddles, hugs and kisses
  10. i like games: PC, cards, board games etc and i LOVE Angry Birds
  11. i am a proud My Little Pony fanatic
  12. i am perpetually torn between cute underwear or sexy lingerie
  13. i am a masochist
  14. i love anime, especially DBZ and Naruto
  15. i prefer nature programs and documentaries to run of the mill cartoons – been like that since i was a kid
  16. i really like animated movies and fantasy but i also love horrors and thrillers with lots of nail-biting suspense
  17. i am completely nuts about horses, if we pass any on a road trip i always want to stop and pet them
  18. i love animals, the furrier and cuter the better – i can never resist the temptation to pet other people’s dogs
  19. i hate and have a totally irrational and paralysing fear of insects and all manner of creepy crawlies
  20. i can sulk really well and throw an award winning tantrum but i’m working on that
  21. i can be moody at times thanks to medical problems with my female insides that send my hormones running wild but i’m easy to cheer up again
  22. i tend to be very clumsy sometimes which embarrasses me to no end
  23. my favourite colour is pink
  24. i can be a real bitch to people i don’t respect or who rub me up the wrong way
  25. i am a chronic worrier
  26. i am highly intelligent and stupid people either annoy me or amuse me, but mostly they annoy the living daylights out of me
  27. I am completely technologically challenged and 100% an idiot when it comes to electronics and computers – i have murdered a toaster and an electrical extension lead (among other electrical household items) to date
  28. i am a very touch oriented person and cannot survive without non-sexual touch, hugs, cuddles etc
  29. When i hurt myself i find myself miserable until someone kisses it all better
  30. my favourite food is lasagne and frozen yoghurt in a sugar cone
  31. i will take a milkshake over coffee or tea any day
  32. i sleep with a big panda plush or my travel size Eeyore plushie
  33. i am not a morning person
  34. i love any reason/excuse to celebrate/make a fuss
  35. i LOVE Christmas, it is my favourite time of the year and i wait for December and the festive season all year and the Christmas isles in shops at that time of year are like a little piece of heaven!
  36. Right now one of the things i want most in the world is giant 4ft My Little Pony G4 Pinkie Pie or Fluttershy plush
  37. i am very ticklish
  38. i wear character socks
  39. i always try to eat an ice-cream cone as naughtily as possible and watch people’s reactions
  40. i love childhood cartoons/characters turned kinky adult cartoon porn
  41. i hate crappy computer animation for cartoons or movies that clearly looks like poor quality computer animation instead of looking more like drawings and i also hate crappily drawn animation (as lots of kids cartoons are nowadays) with a few exceptions.
  42. i HATE how in a box of 12 colour pencils i get 2 shades of blue, 2 shades of green, 2 shades of brown (seriously – who needs 2 shades of brown???) but ONLY 1 shade of pink!

Saying: When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. – being a grown up is tough and not everyone is cut out for the job. Retaining some of your inner little isn’t a crime, in fact it can actually be a pleasure, not only for you but also for that someone special in your life who won’t mind or might even enjoy taking on the adult figure and indulge you in your ‘littleness’.

Oh, and please note: i do not own the copyright to any of the images used on this blog (unless specifically stated) and no copyright infringement is intended.

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