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Dating A Daddy With Kids

This subject is probably going to step on a lot of toes but I’m not going to apologise for the way I feel and my personal opinions. These are my experiences and personal opinions with some level headed talk and deductions in between. In short, dating a Daddy with real kids of school going age … Continue reading

A Little Lifestyle Vs A Little Age Play

When it comes to BDSM and D/s there are so many facets it can become confusing for an outside or a newbie to differentiate and understand the many nuances that set each facet apart. One such confusion is that between the DD/lg lifestyle and Age Play. First and foremost, the terms are not interchangeable and … Continue reading

Little Attention Whore

Are you a Little Attention Whore? I touched on some of the aspects of this post in a previous post but this one is written from a different perspective. This article tackles a Little’s need for attention and my personal struggles with being a little attention whore. I’m not sure where that saying came from … Continue reading

Be A Little Understanding

This is something that is close to my heart. I was sitting here wondering what in the world to write about (I have a list of over 40 blog post topics I want to write about but my decision making skills are REALLY bad) when I thought about Daddy not being here tonight again. So … Continue reading

Friend Application

New Friend Application: I have come to a conclusion…I need at least ONE friend, someone I can talk to, count on, laugh and cry with, share with etc. So I drew up this Friend Application Form. If you want to get to know me and give being friends a try, please fill it in! Please … Continue reading

A Little Valentine

Valentine’s Day is more than just a commercial, money spinning, global holiday. There is no excuse for not showing the people you care about that you love them every single day of the year but Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year when it’s ok to go overboard, get cheesy and just plain … Continue reading