My Unexpected And Prolonged Sabbatical

My unexpected and Prolonged Sabbatical First of all I would like to wish everyone a happy new year. With 2013 behind us and a new year ahead of us, it’s like starting afresh, a new chapter, a blank page and where better to start than revisiting the blogs I haven’t visited in a really long … Continue reading

Hello Kitty Phase

Hi guys, oh my goshness, i am going through such a Hello Kitty phase right now. The over abundance of her cutesy face used to drive me crazy at one point (before i discovered my inner little) and  i never understood the attraction for adults. However, how the mighty hath fallen LOL,  i have succumbed … Continue reading

Last minute DD/lg Valentines

Valentine’s Day is less than 3 days away and despite working and living in front of my computer and being hooked up to the internet 24/7 i have managed to escape the red and white, hearts, chocolates and teddy bears overload that, by now, is a frenzied chaos in stores, flower shops and just about … Continue reading